Viimeksi tehtyä

Letter to President Metsola

Dear President Metsola,

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, are writing to you today to take action without a delay to launch a process, in line with Rule 89(1)(b) of the Rules of Procedure, to vote on a proposal calling on the Commission or the Member States to submit a proposal under Article 7(2) of the Treaty on European Union on Hungary.

Starting the process under Article 7(2) TEU marks the first step to determine the existence of a serious and persistent breach of EU values. Upon confirming such a breach, it enables the Member States to proceed to the second step under the Article 7(3) TEU, potentially resulting in the suspension of specific membership rights of Hungary, including voting rights in the Council.

We believe that this action is necessary to protect the values of the European Union, which are enshrined in the Treaty on European Union. Hungary has been repeatedly criticized for its erosion of the Rule of Law, and especially after Hungary’s actions to disrupt the decision-making of the Member States in the December EUCO, we believe that the time has come for the European Parliament to take action.

Our main task is to protect the European way of life and democracy. As a result, the European Parliament has a longstanding and proud history of defending the Rule of Law. We have been at the forefront of institutions advocating for the implementation of the Article 7(1) TEU procedure, ongoing since 2018, which has already identified a clear risk of a serious breach of EU values in Hungary.

We have also strongly supported the work of the European Commission, particularly in the context of the Conditionality Regulation, and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Both entities have played crucial roles in upholding the Rule of Law in the European Union.

In launching the Article 7(2) TEU procedure against Hungary, the European Union would be sending a clear message to Hungary that its actions are unacceptable. It would also be sending a message to all Member States that the European Union will not tolerate any backsliding on the Rule of Law or disrupting the principle of sincere cooperation, as enshrined in the Treaties.

We believe that launching the Article 7(2) and 7(3) TEU procedures is the only way to protect the values of the European Union and ensure the functioning of decision-making processes in the European Union.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


SARVAMAA Petri, EPP, Finland

BERENDSEN Tom, EPP, Netherlands

CARVALHO Maria, EPP, Portugal

CLUNE Deirdre, EPP, Ireland

COELHO Carlos, EPP, Portugal

DUEPONT Lena, EPP, Germany

FERNANDES Jose Manuel, EPP, Portugal

FITZGERALD Frances, EPP, Ireland

HAGA Anja, EPP, Netherlands

HOHLMEIER Monika, EPP, Germany


KANEV Radan, EPP, Bulgaria

KARAS Othmar, EPP, Austria

KELLY Sean , EPP, Ireland

KUBILIUS Andrius, EPP, Lithuania

LEGA David, EPP, Sweden

LENAERS Jeroen, EPP, Netherlands

LUTGEN Benoit, EPP, Belgium

MALDEIKIENE Ausra, EPP, Lithuania

MARKEY Colm, EPP, Ireland

MAZYLIS Liudas, EPP, Lithuania


NOVAK Ljudmila, EPP, Slovenia

PEREIRA Lidia, EPP, Portugal


RANGEL Paulo, EPP, Portugal

SPYRAKI Maria, EPP, Greece

STAVROU Eleni, EPP, Cyprus

TERRAS Riho, EPP, Estonia

VAIDERE Inese , EPP, Latvia

VERHEYEN Sabine, EPP, Germany

VIRKKUNEN Henna, EPP, Finland

WALSH Maria, EPP, Ireland

WEISS Pernille, EPP, Denmark


BENIFEI Brando, S&D, Italy

BIEDRON Robert, S&D, Poland

BIELOWSKI Theresa, S&D, Austria

ENGERER Cyrus, S&D, Malta

FUGLSANG Niels, S&D, Denmark

GUILLAUME Sylvie, S&D, France

HEINÄLUOMA Eero, S&D, Finland

KALJURAND Marina, S&D, Estonia

KOHUT Lukasz, S&D, Poland

KUMPULA-NATRI Miapetra, S&D, Finland

LARROUTUROU Pierre , S&D, France

LAURETI Camilla, S&D, Italy

NEMEC Matjaz, S&D, Slovenia

PICIERNO Pina, S&D, Italy

REUTEN Thijs , S&D, Netherlands

SCHALDEMOSE Christel, S&D, Denmark

VARIATI Achille, S&D, Italy

VIND Marianne, S&D, Denmark

WOLTERS Lara, S&D, Netherlands


AL-SAHLANI Abir, Renew, Sweden

ANDREWS Barry, Renew, Ireland

ANSIP Andrus, Renew, Estonia

AUSTREVICIUS Petras, Renew, Lithuania

BIJOUX Stephane, Renew, France

BRUNET Sylvie, Renew, France

CHABAUD Catherine, Renew, France

CHRISTENSEN Asger, Renew, Denmark

CICUREL Ilana, Renew, France

DURIS NICHOLSONOVA Lucia, Renew, Slovakia

FARRENG Laurence, Renew, France

GHEORGHE Vlad, Renew, Romania

GLÜCK Andreas, Renew, Germany

GOERENS Charles, Renew, Luxembourg

GOZI Sandro, Renew, France

GROSELJ Klemen, Renew, Slovenia

GUETTA Bernard, Renew, France

HAHN Svenja, Renew, Germany

HAYER Valerie, Renew, France

IN’T VELD Sophie, Renew, Netherlands

JOVEVA Irena, Renew, Slovenia

KARLSBRO Karin, Renew, Sweden

KATAINEN Elsi, Renew, Finland

KAUCH Michael, Renew, Germany

KELLER Fabienne, Renew, France

KYRTSOS Georgios, Renew, Greece

KÖRNER Moritz , Renew, Germany

LOKKEGAARD Morten, Renew, Denmark

MELCHIOR Karen, Renew, Denmark

MIHAL Jozef, Renew, Slovakia

OETJEN Jan-Cristoph, Renew, Germany

ORVILLE Max, Renew, France

PEKKARINEN Mauri, Renew, Finland

PETERSEN Morten, Renew, Denmark

POULSEN Erik, Renew, Denmark

RASMUSSEN Bergur Lokke, Renew, Denmark

STRUGARIU Ramona-Victoria, Renew, Romania


TORVALDS Nils, Renew, Finland

TUDORACHE Ioan-Dragos, Renew, Romania

VAUTMANS Hilde, Renew, Belgium

VEDRENNE Marie-Pierre, Renew, France

VERHOFSTADT Guy, Renew, Belgium

WIESNER Emma, Renew, Sweden

YENBOU Salima, Renew, France

YON-COURTIN Stephanie, Renew, France


ALAMETSÄ Alviina, Greens/EFA, Finland

ANDERSEN Rasmus, Greens/EFA, Germany

AUKEN Margrete, Greens/EFA, Denmark

BAH KUHNKE Alice, Greens/EFA, Sweden

BITEAU Benoit, Greens/EFA, France

BOESELAGER Damian, Greens/EFA, Germany

BÜTIKOFER Reinhard, Greens/EFA, Germany

DALUNDE Jakop, Greens/EFA, Sweden

EICKHOUT Bas, Greens/EFA, Netherlands

FREUND Daniel, Greens/EFA, Germany

GALLEE Malte, Greens/EFA, Germany

GREGOROVA Marketa, Greens/EFA, Czechia

HAUTALA Heidi, Greens/EFA, Finland

HOLMGREN Pär, Greens/EFA, Sweden

MARQUARDT Erik, Greens/EFA, Germany

METZ Tilly, Greens/EFA, Luxembourg

NIINISTÖ Ville, Greens/EFA, Finland

PEKSA Mikulas, Greens/EFA, Czechia

ROPE Bronis, Greens/EFA, Lithuania

STEFANUTA Nicolae, Greens/EFA, Romania

STRIK Tineke, Greens/EFA, Netherlands

VAN SPARRENTAK Kim, Greens/EFA, Netherlands

VON CRAMON-TAUBADEL Viola, Greens/EFA, Germany


BJÖRK Malin, The Left, Sweden

MODIG Silvia , The Left, Finland

VILLUMSEN Nikolaj, The Left, Denmark




PIGNEDOLI Sabrina, NI, Italy

CASTALDO Fabio Massimo , NI, Italy